Tom - 21 - Mansfield/Nottingham - English Language & Journalism graduate


English boy cooking indian and listening to reggae. Transcending cultural boundaries all day.

"Uh oh tom’s on the leonard cohen again"


So glad Ed Miliband has stood up for working people by maybe (probably not, though) implementing a minimum wage rise in five years time by which point inflation will largely have taken the minimum wage to that level while subsequently making it still too low to live…

Howlin’ Wolf - Howlin’ For My Darlin’

I’ve been captivated by Captain Beefheart’s voice since I first listened to Safe as Milk. So it’s no surprise that Howlin’ Wolf became the stand out voice for me when I started getting into the blues a couple of years ago, considering he was clearly Beefheart’s vocal inspiration. 

Can’t get enough of that growl.